This is the website of Adam Gilhespy, ex Newcastle-upon-Tyne and currently residing in North London. I am a mechanical engineer who also engages in photographic, printmaking, art historical and, increasingly occasionally, typographic projects. Renaissance polymathy, earnest amateurism, joining dots, all that. I was in the band Paper Cut Out and have worked variously as a design director, editorial and reproduction photographer, letterpress and screen printer. I run the website josephcrawhall.org, my own personal art historical project. I like riding BMX bikes and driving cars and so there is also that stuff on this otherwise polite website for which I make no apology. I’ll likely say yes to interesting projects involving the photographic reproduction of artworks for archival or publishing purposes, or if you ask me to become your art adviser (Pasmore was cheap last time I looked. Do your own due diligence), join your racing team, go up in your plane.

Editioned archival inkjet prints are available. Images available appear in the ‘Prints’ link in the sidebar and can be acquired by contacting me.

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